A fully fledged solution that empowers all of Deciem's brand websites withn e-commerce features.

The black bar inserted at the top of all sites communicates with Deciem's cart using cross-domain requests (CORS) allowing the sites to add products to a centralized cart. Once the customer is done, they can checkout and pay for all the products at once.

The solution is fully integrated with Google and Facebook remarketing, conversion and tracking technologies, providing a wealth of data that Deciem can use to fine tweak its marketing strategy. The solution includes a fully functional dashboard that allows Deciem's team to track, troubleshoot and ship orders.

On top of all that geekiness I had the task to design all the icons and small illustrations used on the site, which was big part of the fun.

The site is 100% responsive offering the visitor a full experience from the tiniest mobile device to the hugest desktop display.

//  CLIENT: Deciem Distribution Inc.
//  CREDITS: This project is and ongoing collaborative effort with Deciem Inc.
//  PROJECT: E-Commerce Solution
//  SERVICES: Website Coding, Art Direction, Illustration, Database Design, System Architecture Design
//  URL: