Series of plates designed to illustrate the customer journey of the EXPY brand.

The client requested a series of infographics that would help him explain the company's technology to potential investors. The plates were to be almost self-explanatory. The style was to reflect the friendlyness and easiness of the process.

It was a challenge make underground garages and parking lots look exciting but it was fun. The client fell in love with the main character (christened Rubber, as in Rubber-neck) and liked the result so much that decided, once the brand gets more funds, to create an animated version of the plates.

Looking foward to hang out again with Rubber some more!

//  CATEGORY: Illustration
//  DATE: 2012.07
//  CLIENT: Expy
//  CREDITS: A collaboration with Deciem Inc.
//  SERVICES: Concept, Character Design, Inpho-graphic, Illustration, Web Production