This site was created for James Quigley to showcase all music related aspects of his professional career allowing him to contact new clients in a more efficient way than the traditional mailing of resumes and dossier snail-mail method.

The site tries to capture Jame's spontaneous and fun personality as well as his well seassoned professional experience as a music director, performer and entertanier. As per Jame's request it had to be a simple and direct as possible, so the visitors would not loose interest and leave the site.

The site was coded to facilitate the creation of events to keep Jame's followers updated. I am currently empowering the site with a custom coded CMS (content management system) that will allow James to update all the information in the site himself giving him full control of his dossier.

The site is 100% responsive offering the visitor a full experience from the tiniest mobile device to the hugest desktop display.

//  CLIENT: Deciem Distribution Inc.
//  PROJECT: Art Dossier
//  SERVICES: Website Design, Website Coding, System Architecture Design, Photo Retouching, Video Processing
//  URL: www.jamesthemusician.com